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Hockey Figures -  NHL Series 1 (Series 3)

Martin Brodeur Peter Forsberg Ed Belfour Mats Sundin Jose Theodore John LeClair

While having a quick surf of the net the other day I came across the McFarlane Toys 2001 Online Catalogue and the pictures for the next series of their excellent NHLPA licensed hockey figures. Click on the images above this article to take a look at the latest additions to the range.

The suggestion I made in my review of Series 1 and 2 (read this here) have, by chance no doubt, been taken up by McFarlane Toys insofar as Stanley Cup winning netminder Ed Belfour has been added to the series. Instead of replacing Jose Theodore as the 2nd netminder in the range he has replaced Dallas team-mate Mike Modano from the line-up previously advertised.

With this change, McFarlane have split the range half and half with netminders and skaters (series 1 and 2 only had 2 netminders in each) - this is probably in recognition of the fact that the netminder figures are the better sellers in the range - and are, in my opinion, the stronger overall figures in the range!!

Iíll be looking forward to getting hold of these once they are available!

PD - 27/3/2001

Article Update:

Martin Brodeur Peter Forsberg Ed Belfour Mats Sundin Jose Theodore John LeClair

The McFarlane toys website, Spawn.com, has recently announced that they have won the licence to include NHL team logos on their range of action figures. This has been one of the few shortcomings with these figures in the past and if the deal continues this range of hockey figures will be THE range to collect - maybe this has already been reflected by Hasbro ending the Starting Line Up range of figures!!

The deal will begin with the next series, Series 3, due to hit the shops in September - in the States at least. Whether the first two series will be reissued with the actual NHL logos and if so when this will bo done has not been mentioned!! Until they are available, take a look at the new NHL approved versions of Series 3.

PD - 12/7/2001

PS - Note to Todd McFarlane - hurry up with the Mario figure already!!!!!

All images from McFarlane Toys Online Catalogue at www.spawn.com

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