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Hockey Figures -  NHL Series 2 (Series 4)

Mario Lemieux Evgeni Nabokov Tommy Salo Joe Thornton Chris Pronger Brett Hull Dominik Hasek (#2)

The McFarlane Toys official website, Spawn.com, recently released pictures of the next series of hockey figures. This set, the 4th overall and the 2nd featuring the NHL logos is due to hit the shops (in the States at least) in January 2002 and includes nine figures, 3 of which are netminders.

Jaromir Jagr (#2)

Although there are 9 figures, only 6 of these are new - the Jagr, Hasek and Lindros figures are repaints of the Series 2 figures in their new teamís uniform and now including the logos. If you check out eBay.com you may be able to find limited editions of the other early releases repainted with NHL logos etc - I have seen a Bourqe (Avs), CuJo (Leafs) and Yzerman (Wings) up for auction on there in the past few weeks!

PD - 10/11/2001

Eric Lindros (#2)
Mario Lemieux Mario Lemieux Evgeni Nabokov Tommy Salo Chris Pronger Chris Pronger
Joe Thornton Brett Hull Brett Hull Dominik Hasek Jaromir Jagr Eric Lindros
Jaromir Jagr (note short hair, flag and A added) Joe Thornton (road jersey) Mario Lemieux (home jersey variation) Chris Pronger (NHL Hitz Variation)

most pictures from www.spawn.com

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