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Hockey Figures by McFarlane Toys

As a Star Wars fan I have long been a collector of action figures and as my love for the game of hockey has grown over the last few years I have always been looking for any sort of hockey related figures to add to my collection of Star Wars and Kiss figures.

When I visited America last year I looked for some of the Starting Lineup range but had trouble finding any - even if I had they are relatively small and wouldnít actually bear any resemblance to the players they were meant to be apart from the uniform.

So, when it was announced that McFarlane Toys, makers of some of the most detailed action figures available were to make the Hanson Brothers from the film Slap Shot as figures I eagerly awaited their release.

These figures have now been out a while and what can I say except - WOW!!  While at first glance all 3 of the figures may seem very similar (as the brothers are in the film!) they are all in slightly different poses - as collectors action figures rather than toys the figures have limited articulation but the level of detail on them is amazing.  Each figure is usually priced between £12.99 and £13.99 depending on where

Hanson Brothers

you are buying them and while at first this seems quite expensive, each figure comes with a section of ice as well as boards and plexi and once they are assembled you can see why the price is justified - I think it is anyway!  Having said that, currently I only own one of them, #17 - Steve Hanson - the one in the middle, and while eventually I hope to get all 3 there is something looming on the horizon that may affect this....

McFarlane Toys will, before the end of the year, releasing their NHLPA licensed range of figures covering the stars of the NHL - exactly the type of figure I was looking for when I went to the US.  If the quality and detail shown in the Hanson brothers figures is carried on with these they will be absolutely awesome.  The only drawback is they are not licensed by the NHL itself. just the NHLPA, so they are unable to include club badges on the uniforms but I think Iíll be able to live with that!!

Curtis Joseph Patrick Roy Tony Amonte
Steve Yzerman
Ray Bourque Paul Kariya

The images above represent some of the first wave planned for release (in the States at least) in October - a further set is expected in November and the series will eventually include some of the top names in the NHL such as Mark Messier and (the one Iím waiting for!!) Jaromir Jagr.

If anyone happens to pick any of these up and wants to let me know their thoughts on them I will include them here.  Until they appear on these shores, feast your eyes on the pictures provided!

PD - 28/08/2000

Hockey Figures Part 2 Article

All images taken from the McFarlane Toys Online Catalogue at