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View From Block 107... The place on In The Crease for what I am calling ‘features’ - these could range from reviews of hockey related books and films to tributes to individual players to general editorial type articles.  Basically, anything goes, the only rule is that the article is in some way related to hockey.

To make finding a relevant feature easier I have split the section into three categories - Manchester Storm related features, Pittsburgh Penguins related features and General hockey features.  More details of the features included in each can be seen by following the links above to the relevant page.

Or why not begin with one of the three sections mentioned below!

Frank Pietrangelo Tribute

Team Canada 2002

ITC Online Hockey Cards

Frank Pietrangelo played for both the Manchester Storm and Pittsburgh Penguins in his career and won championships with both.  Injury forced Frank out of the game in December 2000 and this is my tribute to him!

In February 2002, Team Canada completed a historic double Gold Medal in both the men’s and the women’s competitions at the Salt Lake City Winter Olympics.  This section is my tribute to those two teams that brought the game of hockey home to Canada after 50 years of pain....

Since beginning the site a few years back the one feature that has received most attention and has been the subject of the most feedback is the ‘home-made’ hockey cards I have created - this article gives a bit of background to how these started and also links to all the cards I have created.

Do you have something you want to say about hockey in general?  Do you disagree with any of my views?  This section of the site would greatly benefit from a variety of viewpoints rather than just me banging on all the time!  Contact me here if you are interested in contributing to View From Block 107.