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Slap-Shots is the section of In The Crease dedicated to any and all hockey related images, whether they are wallpapers, hockey cards or jokes from newspapers, as long as it is hockey related it could be included here!  To help you find the images you are after quicker I have split them into five distinct categories as detailed below.

Phoenix Images

 - Manchester Phoenix related images

Storm Images

 - Manchester Storm related images, includes wallpapers, hockey cards and more 

Penguins Images

 - Pittsburgh Penguins related images, ranging from hockey cards to wallpapers to screenshots

The Locker Room

 - netminder mask images from the NHL, ISL, international scene and more!

Misc Images

 - all other images that donít fit into the above including jokes and general wallpapers

Locker Room Updated - 56 New Mask Images

I have added 56 new mask images to the NHL, general and international sections of The Locker Room.

PD - 27/02/05

Locker Room Updated - 15 New Mask Images

For the first update of 2005 I have added 15 new images to the General Masks section of the Locker Room covering subjects from Star Wars and Kiss to Hockey Night In Canada and a Tribute to New York.

PD - 02/01/05

First Phoenix Hockey Cards Added

The first six Manchester Phoenix hockey cards have been added to the Phoenix section of the site.

PD - 9/11/03

Over 150 Images Added to The Locker Room - Masks and Jerseys

I have added over 150 images - both masks and jerseys - to The Locker Room.  The only sections that havenít had an update are the ISL and general masks, page 1 sections of the feature.  These latest additions now mean there are over 950 mask images and 180 jersey images on display in The Locker Room.

PD - 02/11/03

New Penguins Wallpaper Added

A new wallpaper - submitted by Holly, a visitor to In The Crease, has been added to the Penguins images section.

PD - 12/09/03

Eighty Two New Mask Images Added

The Locker Room feature has been updated with eight two new images being added across the full range from general masks to NHL and historic masks.

PD - 25/05/03

2002/03 NHL Netminder Cards Completed

I have added ten new cards to the NHL Netminder series for the 2002/03 season - this completes the set which now includes three cards for each NHL team.  Look out for the 2003/04 series later in the year!

PD - 11/05/03