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This section of the site is intended to move away from support for any particular team  with reviews and articles I think will be of interest to the general hockey fan.  I have divided the features into two separate types, hose that are to be updated on an ongoing basis and those that are more of a one-off type article.

Ongoing Sections:

Hockey Films

Hockey Action Figures

The Roster

Reviews, cover shots and general articles on films and TV programmes featuring hockey in some way.

Reviews, images and general articles relating to hockey action figures, a particular passion of mine!

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One-Off Articles:

Masked Men

NHL 2000 Review

About Me

A fascination with netminders and their masks led to the site being named In The Crease - read more!

The first and still only computer game review added to the site, included here more for that than it’s current relevance!

Not that interesting this one, just a bit of background info about me, how the site came about and a picture, just in case anyone feels the need to come and speak to me at a Storm game.