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Mario Lemieux
Curtis Joseph
Chris Pronger
Steve Yzerman

Hockey Figures -  Team Canada

Hockey - Canadaís national sport.  Yet for fifty years they had not managed to bring home the gold medal from the Olympic Games in this, their sport. All that changed in February 2002 when both the menís and womenís team defeated Team USA in their respective gold medal games to end the nationís frustration.

With the significance of the win (never mind the collective sigh of relief around Canada) it was no surprise when merchandise started appearing to commemorate the historic acheivement.  However, amongst all this, it was McFarlane Toyís tribute that had my attention!

Already a fan of the ultra-detailed NHL figures this company was producing, the announcement in April that the company would be pay tribute to the Gold Medal winning menís team with two limited edition boxsets was welcome news indeed.  Each boxset would feature three players and one netminder in Team Canada uniform.  The bad news was that these were to be made available as an exclusive to Wal-Mart stores in Canada - itís obvious to see these were never going to be the biggest sellers in the US!!

So, a few trips to eBay later, I was proud owner of the two box sets.  The first box included Mario Lemieux, Curtis Joseph, Chris Pronger and Steve Yzerman while box two included Joe Sakic, Martin Brodeur, Paul Kariya and Eric Lindros.

At the time these were released, all but one (Joe Sakic) were repaints of figures that had been released in the existing NHL and NHLPA series already by the company.  The Joe Sakic figure would eventually be included in the third NHL series in his Colorado uniform.

As usual for this range of figures, the level of detail on each figure - down to the two Team Canada emblems on the back of the helmets (see picture below) is astounding - the pictures of the individual figures shown here were taken by me at home with a friendís digital camera and in no way do these magnificent pieces justice.

Joe Sakic
Martin Brodeur
Paul Kariya
Eric Lindros

Cynics out there may accuse McFarlane Toys of being lazy and just slapping a new coat of paint on eight existing figures and while I would have liked eight new sculpts I would much prefer having these repaints than none at all!

And while the selection of players included has obviously been influenced by those figures that had already been sculpted I pretty much agree with them except for maybe Lindros who didnít have the impact everyone was expecting him to have - as long as Lemieux and possibly Sakic and Brodeur were included I would have had no complaints.

If you are a fan of the McFarlane Toys hockey figures in general or if you, Canadian or not, shouted on the Canadians in the Olympics like I did then this set is for you and I would suggest that you hit eBay as soon as possible to get hold of these before they disppear - unless you are living in Canada, in which case I would expect you already have these!

These figures are a great addition to the ever-growing hockey Sportspicks set from McFarlane Toys and also a fitting tribute to eight of the players that enabled Canadians to once again proclaim that hockey is Ďtheir sportí.

PD - 27/10/02

Canada Helmet Team Canada (official image from spawn.com)

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